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(Archived) Record while in skitch?


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New evernote user here.

I recently got a samsung note (the big phone with a stylus) and have started using it for school, I would like to be able to write freely(as in skitch) for my lecture notes, but come across the problem that if i want to record I must use a different application, or I must type the notes using swype or just the android keyboard.

I may be missing something, but it feels to me as though this is a simple enough of a task and I am just missing something, but I can't seem to find anywhere where I can record for a note while in skitch. Is this not possible? if so how do I do it?

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At one time you could multitask and do a background recording process. In the latest updates it has gone away. There are many topics on this in the forums. You just need to try to connect with a developer. Go to the bottom of evernote and click the link of contact and send multiple messages to people who can help fix this. It is very much needed. It is a great tool right until you have to go creat something else or check a message. The devices are made to multitask. They need to remember that. Thanks for posting.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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