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(Archived) HELP: 10.6.8 won't save system preferences or settings



I'm a new Evernote user. I changed font settings and notebook lists to display as I desire. When I startup again, it has forgotten those settings as well as the window size from last session.

Any help to stop this?



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Hi Frank. Unfortunately I have no idea, and from the silence here, it seems other users may not either. I suggest opening a support ticket (support.evernote.com). Good luck.

EDIT: I just realized something. When you said that you change font settings, do you mean just within the note, or in Preferences? If you haven't changed your program preferences, that may be the answer.

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Hi there! Thanks for responding. No, I'm talking about changing settings in the preferences panel: I change them and they revert back to the old settings on the next startup. Also, the window size always reverts to the original size, not the size at which I left it.

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