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(Archived) Moving notes from one notebook to another

Mary F

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We just got a Asus Transformer tablet (our first Android device), installed Evernote and are experimenting with how to use it for my husband's work. I was able to create a notebook entitled "Ed" and put it in a stack entitled "Clients". One note would have Ed's contact information, another note would have any written information my husband needs for the cabinet job. I took a picture using Skitch of a sketch he had made. Exported? it to Evernote. It was placed in the main notebook. How can I get it from the main notebook into Ed's notebook? Is there something I should have done in Skitch or the Camera to get it in the right place to begin with?

Thanks for any advice.

Mary Beth

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Mary Beth, your photo should go into your default notebook. You can change which notebook is your default notebook on your desktop software by right clicking on the notebook and clicking properties then selecting to make it the default notebook.... Assuming your on a Windows machine that is... on the android based app, once you have uploaded your note if you go into the evernote app, find the note and click the little down arrow in the upper right hand of the screen there is an option named "move to notebook" which will let you select the notebook you want to move it into. Personally, I have a notebook named !Inbox I made this my default notebook. This way if I'm on the go I can keep snapping shots and uploading items and then sort them on the desktop client when I get back to my laptop. Hope this helps!

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In my experience, skitch just creates a note in the default notebook.

On the tablet, you can move a note to a specific notebook, in two ways.

1. Long press on the note, you are presented with multiple options, one being move to notebook.

Screenshot: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s26/sh/880fa259-b62c-491a-af92-00ad92165c06/a15437cb7f5a587ce5ebecbeb69e02e7

2. Edit the note, and look on the editing toolbar, the second button from the left. That allows you to specify a notebook.

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I tried moving the skitch notes from one notebook to the other and I tried changing the default skitch notebook on the iPad and both currently fail. When the window to chane notebook appears the spinning clock comes up and it just sets there waiting forever until you have to cancel.

Also, on the iPad in Evernote you cannot move the skitch note to other notebooks. When you try it says it's locked and that you must use skitch to move the note to a new notebook.

Fustrated. Fustrated. Fustrated. how can I get the notes out of the skitch notebook to the proper notebook?

WARNING...One more thing that's very important to rember on the iPad. If you run out of space on the iPad and have to delete images in skitch it will remove them from Evernote. By by forever. One solution is to copy the note in Evernote but Evernote tech says its not a good idea.

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I don't have Skitch synced with my account (for some of the reasons you mentioned). I sync it (and Penultimate) with a dummy account. This is a workaround that I think works quite well.

You could share the notes (or notebooks) from there or email them directly into the notebook of your choice using the @ feature (see knowledge base or tutorials linked in my signature below).

By the way, I used to have a Transformer Prime. Congratulations! It didn't quite fit my use case, so I had to go back to the iPad / Nexus 7, but it is a great device.

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