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(Archived) Web clipper compatibility with Firefox Nightly?


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It appears that the web clipper Firefox addon won't install because of compatibility issues with Firefox Nightly. As of Fx10 (possibly 11, I can't remember for certain), addon compatibility is supposed to be enabled by default due to the rapid release schedule of Firefox now.

Are there known issues with Firefox Nightly, or is this something that has been overlooked? I'd really like to be able to use the web clipper addon.


Edit: This may belong in the web forum, but the description there only mentions the web based version of Evernote and not the web clipper addon. Hence why I put it here.

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Hi and welcome to the forums. I see that Firefox Nightly states: "These builds are for testing purposes only." I would suggest that you use the latest Firefox release, that is what I am using and have not had any problems.


David in Wichita

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The Beta, Aurora, and Nightly builds are all (in my experience) stable, and so far the Evernote plugin is the only one that has refused to work. I'd be happy to be a tester for reporting bugs with the plugin. But considering the rapid release schedule of Firefox, the current Nightly (14) will be the stable release in just over three months anyway, so unless people are testing it and reporting bugs, there will be issues in the near future regardless.

If nothing else, is there a beta version of the web clipper that is available for for testing with upcoming versions of browsers?

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Thanks for the feedback. I'll add you to our pool of beta testers for future releases. Thx

Thanks! Is there a place where we can download beta releases of the web clipper, or is it restricted? I can't seem to find anything on either the Firefox Add-ons site or the Evernote site.

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