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(Archived) Clients out of sync


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I have the Windows 4.5.4 final build on 3 machines (Win7 64bit, Win7 32bit and Vista 32bit.)

The Win7 64bit and Vista 32bit machines both show 5,803 notes, but the WIn7 32bit client only shows 5,792 notes. The web client confirms there are 5,803 notes.

The activity log for all 3 clients show the following with no errors, including the uploaded/saved updated counts.

06:32:58 [10472] 0% * loaded updateCount: 55475

06:32:59 [10472] 0% Client is up to date with the server, updateCount=55475

06:32:59 [10472] 0% * saved updateCount: 55475

06:32:59 [10472] 0% Updating server items

06:32:59 [10472] 100% Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 1s

06:32:59 [10472] 100% * sent: 222B, received: 138B

06:32:59 [10472] 100% * 0s (44%) spent in EDAM RPC

How can I get the 3rd client back in sync without deleting the database and redownloading about 3GB of notes? Is there some sort of way to get EN to force a resync of all of the headers?

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Copy the contents of your database folder from a correct install and use it to replace the database on the incorrect system.

If you have any local notebooks on the error system then back them up to ENEX and restore the ENEX after the system has been updated.

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