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(Archived) (Archived) CAN NOT SYNC LAST 6 HOURS


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Need help... DownLoaded EV onto my HTC (Sensation 4g) phone but cant sync for the last 4 hours.

Message is: " java.net.socket timeout exception. read timed"

Also cannot open New Note: Message, "Create note error. Please wait till the default notebook is synced to the device."

Frustated because it has been trying to sync the last 4 hours!

Ive logged in and out of Ev; Ive uninstalled and installed EV; Ive Turned off and on the phone and still can not sych.

Any help will be greatly appreciated



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It's likely you should submit it a support ticket, this is a very specific issue. Click the link in my signature, provide the same information here, specifying that you've also follow much of the initial troubleshooting (like un and re-install) and we'll get a tech working on the issue pronto.

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