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I'm new to evernote and can't figure out how to remove a picture from a note.

I originally created the note on my desktop (win7 machine). Using chrome I clipped a webpage into a new note. The note was perfect, above the clipped page I could add my own text. Then, out in the field accessing the same note with my android device, while in edit mode for the note I took a picture to test the feature.

Now, on both devices the picture that was added is anchored to the page like a background and there is no way to move, delete etc. It is anchored behind the clipped webpage making it hard to read. On the desktop program, the web based program and the android device nothing can manipulate the picture, it is background and only text gets selected when trying to drag, right click brings up only things like "delete row" and such. I can cut and paste the web page content and move it around however I would like to know if there is a way to avoid this from the get go while adding pictures to notes.

Thank you.

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Looks like I figured out the problem. On my desk top when I clipped the webpage from Chrome I did not select any section of the webpage and used the "clip this page" command. Using my mouse and manually selecting the majority of the page and then right clicking and using the "clip selection" command put the same data into the note and adding a picture from the android worked as expected.

Now, the only problem is when viewing the note on the android, the picture taken with the android is huge and doesn't automatically fit the screen. I can probably live with that.

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