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(Archived) Missing or Feature Request? Displaying Note Titles on Tablet Thumbnail View...


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Not sure if I'm just missing a setting somewhere, but on both Honeycomb and ICS on tablets, it doesn't seem to display the Note Titles in the default right hand Thumbnail views.

I frequently create quick "GTD-Like" Tasks by entering the task info as a Note title and filing in details or deleting it later. I find myself reaching for my phone or running to a computer more often than my Tablet version of Evernote. As the thumbnail view results in a patchwork of empty white boxes with just a date in it... Not very useful for finding notes at a glance.

As it stands I may have to wait for a "List-View" feature?


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I have been using ever note on an ics tablet for about 6 months now. It always would display the titles, now, after the most recent update, it is only displaying the dates. This is a new bug, not some deliberate feature. Who should we complain too. This app is significantly less useful without note titles displayed.

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