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(Archived) Skitch and EverNote don't get along


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I just updated to the new version of Skitch. I am not to crazy about the switching to the evernote server. I am finding several issues. You can see for yourself.

One is the Skitch Screenshots are not segregated to their own area. I got evernote as a means to park notes I wished to keep. and paste or share on occasion.

I got skitch as a means to make screenshots That I use in sveral online Forums I answer question in, Ask questions, or show error messages. I do those daily. and often for several hours a day. So in the free Account or minimum account I fear Iwould end up using my monthly allotted space.

Skitch and others similar like Jing or SnagIt keep six months worth then roll of the oldest. Jing did have a Pro version that dismissed the ads but only cost $15.00 a Year.

Next issue when I make a screnshot with skitch using the skitch server and click share the share window comes up showing thumbnail of the shared item you click copy, as soon as you cliked copy link the window disappears. IF I have set to use the Evernote server. No amount of clicking on copu dismisses the share window. you have to dismiss the entire screenshot and everything.

Next issue: The Skitch server create nice tight managble URL's for pasted links. Evernote on the other hand is so long that in some forums I post in the link is actually broken into parts and in some cases in some forums these links the part shown line below part with the http is broken (inactive)

Finally I noticed an irritating feature even from first version: when you finished and dissmiss the screenshot window. Each to you open a new window such as switch pages in a web browser or go to a new application or open a Utility. or close everything up the window pops open of it own accord.

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The Skitch for Mac and Evernote integration is definitely something we're continuing to work on, beyond the recent changes. As for the 6 month roll-off for images, skitch.com carries your images for any amount of time, there's no "roll off" period. You're correct though, that when sharing images to Evernote, this counts as an upload and would impact your overall monthly allowance. The integration, as it stands, gives you a choice between Evernote and skitch.com (as well as a few others like Flickr) so you have the flexibility to shift between the different services as you share.

Let me get the second issue straight--if you've chosen to share with Evernote, the copy url in Skitch doesn't automatically dismiss the share window?

The next issue, Evernote link lengths is something I can check into. Right now you'd need to use a tinyurl service, or bitly, etc to size down your links, unlike skitch.com, which has the tinyurl link enabled within the Dashboard.

Your last issue I may need some additional information on, though it sounds like a bug I'm presently reporting. When you click the image to expand it in your browser window, it opens up the image but does not enable you to close without browsering back. This sort of sounds like what you're getting at, but perhaps not. If you could rephrase the final issue I could take a look into it.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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