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(Archived) Migrating data from NeatWorks to Evernote



We are in the process of switching from NeatReceipts/Neatworks to Evernote and are curious if anyone else here has made the transition?

If so, how did you do it? How did you transfer the docs from NW to EN? Did you just drag & drop, or is there a tool that you found that will help?

Does the transfer preserve the OCR, or does EN have to OCR the docs again?

We've seen various posts from people that use both EN & NW, but we're trying to simplify things and use only one app.

Any help would be appreciated!



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Evernote does not re-OCR documents that are already OCR'd. It will recognize that the OCR has been completed and simply index those documents. To transfer those files en masse, the easiest thing to do would be to use Evernote for Windows, and set up an Import Folder, via Tools->Import Folders, point it to where you've got all your NW PDFs stored, and Evernote will pull them in. You can then organize them as needed.

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I send large receipts (8.5 x 11) and monthly bills directly to Evernote.

But Evernote cannot create reports or analyze the information.

The hundreds of small miscellaneous thermal receipts I collect still go to NeatReceipts.

Many of them are too faint for Evernote's search.

With NeatReceipts, it is easy to see if the data transferred correctly.

NeatReceipts let me do things that would be very tedious to do in Evernote. for instance:

I just made another trip from Minnesota to Maine.

Before I left. I used NeatReceipts to create a report from last year's trip round trip costs.

The toll receipts were $117.00 and the alternate route without tolls was 227 miles longer.

Thanks to the information I could get from NeatReceipts, I decided to take the non-toll route.

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But Evernote cannot create reports or analyze the information.

JB, this is an excellent point we all should keep in mind when trying to use Evernote for a particular purpose.

I like to think of Evernote as the ultimate electronic filing cabinet that makes it very easy to file info, and to retrieve info I need later.

But, just like a physical file cabinet, when I need to perform some type of analysis or summary reporting, I need to put that info, or data, into other apps that are designed for that purpose. Or, as JB suggests, perhaps some data is better entered/stored in another system. Expense tracking, reporting, and analysis is one of these.

Evernote has created a few special purpose apps for the iPhone/iPad, like Hello and Food.

Perhaps some day someone will create special purpose apps for expense tracking that uses Evernote as the storage system.

I hope these apps have versions for Mac and PC as well as mobile devices.

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