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HOWTO: Create a checkbox list via mail

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Does anyone know how I can create checkboxed lists when sending a list to my evernote email address?

I tried this:

- asdfsdf

- sdfsdf

- dfasfsdaf

but it obviously didn't work.

Would appreciate the help.

Thank you.

I emailed my evernote this [] test and got a check box on the account however the check box is proceeded by []test so I guess at east you get a check box and a easily searchable term for check box's

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I tried necessary thought success, perhaps it depends on the email type/format.

sad.. i just tried from my mobile gmail client and it failed :{

sending the same formula using rtf on gmail compose on site and it returned as hoped...

more testing will be needed

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[] doesn't work but its close to my kludge hackery, the stuff we have to resort to because of the hyper simplicity of some parts of Evernote.

I prefix those lines with:

[_] task

Then create a saved search for _ task

Search ignores special characters except for _

So you can quickly find notes you've created this way, and manually insert the checkboxes.

Ugly hack, but that's what they give us. They seem to love leaving us a trail of kludge crumbs.

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I haven't figured out a way to do this by email, but I discovered today that when posting to Evernote using Drafts, the following tag creates a to-do box successfully:

<en-todo></en-todo>To-do text here

There must be nothing between the two HTML tags.

Since Drafts works with TextExpander, I also created a snippet so that it's not necessary to type out the tag.

Emailing the same thing to Evernote didn't work, though.

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I tried that in EverClip and in the comment section of the WebClipper in Dolphin on ipad, both without success.

Drafts has some unique markup handling, which may account for it.

Alas. It would be really nice to be able to add actions and reminders to web clipped items.

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haven't tested it, but you might be able to get zapier or ifttt to receive and email and upload to Evernote as a new note.  Zapier has the ability to use the HTML body of the email, but don't know if Evernote will receive it as plain text or as HTML.  Worth a test though.

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ifttt is exactly the reason why I was looking for the markup ... I want to create a meeting note template that ifttt adds prior to a meeting in my calendar to evernote. But it needs checkboxes and I haven't found a way to do that yet. But I've only been looking (waiting) half a year so far... :)

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