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(Archived) (Archived) Capturing Driving Directions


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Brand new user here. Overwhelmed but figuring a lot of things out... until this. Just stuck and I cannot believe there is not a solution.

I am on my phone (Samsung Epic). I use Google Maps to pull up driving directions. Then I want to send those driving directions to Evernote. I can find no way to do this. The menu key does not pull up an option to share, send, copy, nothing. No menu pulls up a 'save to Evernote' option. There is just a screen full of the driving directions I need and no way at all to get them into Evernote. I also tried doing it by starting inside Evernote, no luck.

I finally solved by doing it from my desktop PC, but I'd like to think I could save driving directions I pull up on my phone for later use.

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Just tried the same thing on my Samsung Galaxy S2 - seems to be a Maps thing rather than an Evernote issue; Maps' apparent intention is to supply you solely with a package of mapping and directions on your phone to be used in real time. In other words you can use your phone's resources to get somewhere, but you can't copy those directions for sharing, or repeat visits. There's a "screen shot" function on the SGS2 if you press the Home and Power buttons together, so I could stitch together a succession of shots and save those to Evernote - or I could just use the Desktop version to sort things out..

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