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(Archived) Automatic sync/update with Livescribe smartpen?

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today I got my Livescribe Echo Smartpen and its really great. Evernote integration is working good so far for me but I was asking myself if it is posible to automatically sync your notes with evernote. At the moment I always have to drag the notes from Livescribe Desktop to the Evernote connector or mark pages for Evernote export with the pen before syncing with my computer.

What Im looking for is a function wich automatically uploads all notes of a special notebook to evernote without me dragging the pages to evernote. Also is it possible to update notes without replacing them? Dragging notes to evernote results in a seperate note in evernote for every drag. But when I change something in an old note I want to update it in evernote too without searching the old note and delete it and upload the new note again.

Would be nice if someone could help me or point me to some more information about the exact possibilities with the livescribe evernote integration.

Thanks in advance :)

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