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(Archived) Hide Notebook keyboard shortcut and bug fix




Can you please add a keyboard shortcut to hide notebooks and show notebooks.

This has been reported to Evernote many times but the bug is still there. Evernote does not remember notebook position. If I hide my notebooks and close (not quit) Evernote and open it again, there is a glitch where for a split second Evernote shows all notebooks and then hides them again. Can you please fix this.

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This bug occurs after opening Evernote. Steps to reproduce the problem:

1. Hide Evernote notebooks.

2. Close Evernote - CMD+W

3. Click Evernote icon in the dock and observe the glitch on the left side - Evernote shows and quickly hides the Notebooks list.

While we are on the topic, I would really want to have a keyboard shortcut to show and hide Evernote. Right now I use CMD+H and "CMD+."

"CMD+." is set to "Search in Evernote". This is a workaround for my request, but this should be available in Evernote natively. Yes, I am coming from Notational Velocity where with one click of the keyboard shortcut I can search for my notes and then hide NV.

P.S. Whatever you do, please remember to keep Evernote simple.

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