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I'm a paying subscriber of Evernote and I have been using Evernote on Android ever since I got my tablet last summer. I've been following the development process since then and I am impressed with the amount of improvement that the team has managed to make in such a short time, with the constantly new public beta releases being a nice part of it.

One thing that I still must say that I am dissapointed with, since I've seen it has been brought up many times since I joined, is the android-teams lack of focus on tag-use, which at least to me is a big part of he Evernote experience.

For example most of my tags have more than 20 characters and are therefore unidentifiable on the tablet when in a tag-tree. Already at that point the tags no longer fill a function to me on tablet. A second problem is that there is no possibility to see the entire path or quickly jump to another part of the tree.

An "easy" solution would be to give the left sidebar some more space (you already have the option to completely hide it if you want a better view of all the notes). Another suggestion would be to give the option of placing the sidebar on the bottom, which at times would be the absolute best option if the switch back-front was made easy, though i would guess that this would be a harder and more time consming programming issue. Hopefully this will be given some focus in the future. Either way thanks for a great product!

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Another option is to not nest tags themselves into a tree structure and use (index) notes to organize tags and navigate tags with search instead as a workaround. It's not an obvious solution at all but it works.

This would work on all platforms and even outside of Evernote in any other application if you decide to export all your notes or Evernote would go down in year 2212 for example, your organizational structure would still stay intact for future generations. :)

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