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(Archived) 3.07 Beta 4 - Account Info Screen



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1. Account Info

My premium tag is covering my name as well. Otherwise, I think this dialog box is looking much improved.

2. Favorites Bar

I remain unenthusiastic about this, because I cannot see what use it has, and it seems to have replaced the very useful search information that told me what the search parameters/filters were. I don't see why we lost something so good for this bar...

3. Full Screen

I remain unenthusiastic about this as well. I gain more real estate, but can view so much less in my account. I do not understand the logic of having thumbnail icons. I want to use it, but it will never happen as long as I am stuck with these thumbnails.

4. Locked Notes

If we can have locked notes in our trash, why can we not have them in our account? This is something users have been requesting.

5. Colors

I am OK without them, but to be honest, gray on gray is probably not the easiest color scheme to read, and it certainly must be difficult for people with eye issues. Why not add some color like they have done with Pages? Overall, the Evernote's interface is looking very slick, and is improving to be sure, but I think users want to see more color.

6. Metadata popover

Another feature I am unenthusiastic about. We have already hashed this out in numerous threads on the forum. Please reconsider giving us back access to direct editing of our metadata in the header (there used to be a toggle), instead of making us click on every single note to see it.

7. List View

Note "size" is a different font size (on my display).

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