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(Archived) No smartphone, what am I missing?

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I keep a list of my mom's drugs on my phone. This way, whenever I have to take her to the doc or hospital, it's all there. I guess I should also put my husband's in there, too, ;-). I had to take my mom to the hospital this morning & had not updated her drug list with a new drug from last week. I used my phone to get the info from Walgreens' website.

I keep all appointments in the cloud, which helps when scheduling future doctor apts for my mom b/c I can see if there's a conflict.

BTW, I also work from home. I find having a smartphone often allows me to take care of work issues when I'm not at home, including checking for any work related issues that may have been emailed to me. I may not always be able to take care of the problem right away. But I think it gives my users a sense that they can always get in contact with me.

I know not all of these things relate to Evernote. In fact, EN is pretty slow on my iPhone 4. BUT... I leave my computer on 24/7 and it's faster to use Logmein to connect to my home computer & use Evernote that way.

I do feed EN often with my phone. Things I may want to buy or someone I know may want to buy... I snap a picture with Fastever & include the price tag & store. Fastever sends it right away to EN.

My phone also functions kind of like a mobile scanner...take a picture of the page & send to EN.

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you are not missing anything if you don't leave home.

but, if you do, it can be pretty powerful.

we use it on a regular basis as a gps device (android phones get the best navigation system i have ever used for free!). yesterday i was flying into an airport on an international flight, meeting colleagues flying in on a domestic flight, and it turns out that i needed to look up there flight number so that we could meet them at the correct place. no problem. it was in evernote in my offline notebook. at dinner the other night, we wondered whether something was in a phone-book sized conference booklet. no problem. i opened evernote, searched, and figured it out right away.

i only got a smartphone this year because we got a good deal (relatively speaking) through our carrier, and it was actually only a small amount of money more than a regular phone. because i do a lot of work outside the house on my ipad, sometimes it is nice to pair my keyboard with the smart phone to take notes, while i read on the ipad. it's not a necessity, but it comes in handy if you move about a lot.

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Well, about 50% of my mobile Evernote usage involves fairly mundane things like shopping lists. So, assuming you go out and buy things to eat or things you need around the house, there is always that use case.

All of my list cultivation happens at home first though. Where I'm looking up recipes, pulling in the ingredients to a note, adding checkboxes, etc--it all occurs on either my PC or my Mac.

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I was reading the paper at my kitchen table the other morning, specifically the food section. There were recipes I thought might be interesting to try. As other people in the house also read the paper, ripping out pieces is frowned upon. So, I pulled out my phone and used Evernote to make photo notes of the recipes. None of this involved leaving my home. However, I agree, such uses alone probably don't justify the price of the phone.

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OK, I was thinking, since I have no real need for a phone. Perhaps something like an iPod Touch would be more up my alley. What do you all think about that?

I'm assuming Evernote works on the iPod Touch and the Touch has a camera, right?

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I have no special information, but given Apple's release timeline in the past, it's likely a new version of the Touch (and the newest iPhone) could be released either at WWDC in June or in October (which would be 1 full year of 4S sales). There was some speculation that it could hit in the spring way back in 2011, but seeing as how we just saw the launch of the new iPad and there's been a trickle of hints that it may hit at WWDC, this appears to be popped.

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OK, thanks for that. Now, is it worth buying one this year or will they be coming out with an upgrade in a year or so? Anyone have forward thought on that?

I gave up using the iPod Touch 3rd generation I bought 14 months ago. It is far too sluggish to be of any use with Evernote.

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