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[Mural.ly] Display your Evernotes freely on a Big web canvas


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Hi all!

We are working on a new product and would love your feedback on how to better integrate Evernote into it.

Mural.ly lets you grab web content, organize it on a big canvas and share/collaborate with others (video showing it in www.Mural.ly).

The end results are "Murals" of web content that help you share ideas visually: post-89545-0-49258300-1331678230_thumb.j

You can also create the Murals in groups, in real time.

One of the "Web content" that we want to add are Evernotes, so we wanted to know how you'd use it!


Mariano Suarez Battan

Mural.ly CEO

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Hey Mariano,


I'm a new user of the mural.ly service and I have to say that it's almost exactly what I was looking for in terms of a visual tool.


I'd love to see some form of tag integration that would allow me to;

  1. Connect my Evernote account to mural.ly
  2. Tell mural.ly about specific Evernote tags I want to have assigned to a mural
  3. Have mural.ly monitor my Evernote account and automatically import any notes with the specified tags

Using an agile "user stories" format, you might say;

  • As a [Evernote & Mural.ly User] I would like to [push Evernote notes to Mural.ly as I create / update them] so that I [don't forget to add them manually] and [don't have to break my workflow]


I'm a product manager by day (with an almost insatiable thirst for talking with users / potential customers about their needs) so I understand how important feedback is to your design, validation and marketing process - So feel free to PM me if you would like to chat in more detail :)

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I've been using Evernote since 2008 and was just introduced to Mural.ly today - looks amazing  -as many others have probably been saying -I've been waiting for something like this for a long time. 

This combination (Evernote and Mural.ly) could be an amazing solution for me simplifying my visual approach to action. 

Thanks for your time and dedication.


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Very cool site, guys!  Congratulations... I hope you keep up the development and are bought out by Google for $100m! 


Love the Evernote integration... I'm a visual person and love the idea of using Mural.ly to organize my projects visually.  So mural.ly is not just for collaboration, but good for mind-mapping and/or brainstorming as discussed in GTD.  A couple of ways I think Evernote integration could be improved.


1.  It would be great if we could actually drag and drop an Evernote note from the Evernote desktop app itself into a Mural, like with files and images.


2.  Evernote notes once dragged into a mural no longer update as changes are made in Evernote (at least in the image and the preview).  I currently have to right click and 'Open in Evernote' to see the changes.  Not a huge deal.



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I learned about Mural.ly last week in an Evernote discussion forum on mind mapping software. I have been searching for a mind mapping program that works with Windows, integrates with Evernote, and would be useful for my purposes (planning various writing projects). Mohiomap is fantastic, but currently only maps the content available in Evernote notebooks. That magical trifecta has continually eluded me, but Mural.ly is easily the best program I've tried so far (thanks again to Ebusinesstutor for the suggestion!). I clip a great deal of content to Evernote, so I love being able to access all my notes and move them right onto the mural boards. AWESOME!!


Since Evernote seems to be in the business of granting wishes and Mural.ly is asking for user feedback, I’d like to take this opportunity to float the idea of some kind of Mohiomap/ Mural.ly merger – MohioMural??  :D



My Mural.ly experience has been extremely positive thus far, but I am struggling with one issue that doesn’t pertain to the Evernote integration  . . . if anyone can point me in the direction of a more appropriate venue (perhaps a forum for Mural.ly similar to this one?) I’d certainly appreciate it! I’ve perused the site and couldn’t find a suitable spot for posing questions. I sent a help message through my account, but I’m not sure if it reached anyone.


Thank you to Evernote and Mural.ly for their dedication to innovation! 

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