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(Archived) Is it possible to access processed text version of PDF for quoting, pasting? etc,



I've discovered that capturing a section of a PDF and syncing makes the text in that section searchable, thanks to the text recognition software on Evernote's servers. The words for which I search actually light up in the image/pdf snapshot. Yeah! But it doesn't seem to be possible to actually access that converted text for quoting purposes. That text seems to reside on the servers and isn't exported to personal Evernote accounts. When I try to cut and paste from the image/pdf, it's just acts as a solid image. I'd be cutting and pasting the entire image, not text that I could manipulate to change, font, size, style etc.

Would love to actually see Evernote generate a real text version of the converted text! Any chance of this happening?


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If you right click a .pdf which has been processed by the OCR, you get an option to save the searchable PDF - this produces a .pdf with only the text that Evernote has recognized which can readily be copied and pasted.

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Thanks for the reply. I had high hopes that it'd bring me a solution, but here's the tricky part. The only way I've been able to get Evernote to make the text in the pdf searchable is to right click on the PDF in Evernote and then select "capture selection from screen." This then results in another image file appearing below the original PDF. This image file (which appears with the .jpeg suffix when I drag it to the Mac desktop) becomes searchable in Evernote, but the original PDF does NOT. Unfortunately right-clicking and saving the searchable image file just leaves a regular, unsearchable jpg on my desktop.

If there were a way (a special saving technique?) to get Evernote to make the original PDF searchable, rather than the clipping of it, then it sounds like your technique would work.

BTW, there's a little icon to the right of "click to add tag" for this note in the Evernote window that says "not all resources on this note are indexed for searching" when I hover over it. But there's no way to force it to try to index the resource. Thanks again.

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In Windows, I always do the OCR creation with my ScanSnap before submitting it to Evernote.

This ensures that all the text is searchable and easily extracted.

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