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(Archived) BUG [Chrome]: Clipper not working


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I know you only support the stable version of Chrome but I thought I'd give you this heads-up for Chrome dev channel.

Chrome version: 19.0.1061.1 dev-m

Clipper version:

I have disabled all extensions except clipper.

When I hit the clipper icon, I get a whitish box with nothing in it. Right clicking on the clipper icon gives me the usual options.

If I right-click in a page, the clipper option is there as usual and works properly.

I believe this happened somewhere in the last couple of Chrome updates because it was working fine a few weeks ago. I have also had this problem before with Chrome dev channel but it resolved itself--don't know whether a new Chrome release or a new clipper release fixed it.

Clipper log is attached.


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That's my guess, and the general rule about the web clippers. If you need to live on the bleeding edge of browsers (or slightly back of it), it may take some time before Evernote catches up.

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I am having problems with the clipper and chrome. It is crashing chrome when I try to clip around 80% of articles. The problem started today. Here is my spec:

Chrome:- 17.0.963.79 m

Windows 7: - fully up to date. A large (2073 files) update ran over night last night. I installed it this morning.

Evernote: (220395) public

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I have basically that combination, though I am using the latest beta Windows desktop release (4.6.4.somethingorother), though that shouldn't make any difference, since the clipper goes to the cloud as far as I know. No crashes in Chrome, either at home or at work...

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It was crashing every time I pressed the clip button. Instead of seeing the next screen in the clipper window I just got a blue bar that never disappeared. Following your message uninstalled then reinstalled the clipper and all is right as rain. Very odd.

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I submitted the support ticket copied below to Evernote on Saturday and they responded within 24 hours, but all they said was to uninstall and reinstall the Web Clipper extension, which I'd already done before submitting the ticket. (I guess I should have mentioned that in the ticket.) So the problem is not fixed.

Today I'm on a different machine (also Windows 7) and Chrome Web Clipper is seriously broken, even after uninstall/reinstall. When I view this page at http://is.gd/45l5cY I am not able to clip selected text, and when I Clip Full Page, only the top part of the page shows up in Evernote.

I hope Evernote Support is able to fix this soon....I've begun relying on Web Clipper a great deal lately.

UPDATE: I just installed Web Clipper on Firefox 10.0.2 and it's not clipping the page linked to above correctly, either...so the problem must be with that specific page. However, Evernote indicates that when there is a clipping problem, one should try clipping only a portion of the text, which DOES work on that page in Firefox but not in Chrome.


Support ticket: #16051-79242

Subject: Web Clipper Breaks after clipping a few pages

Yesterday Chrome Web Clipper began acting up and now it breaks after clipping a few pages. The clipper dialog appears and allows me to make selections, but when I click the Clip button, nothing happens....or sometimes the dialog reduces to a small box with no content. But again, nothing happens and the note is not clipped. Closing out of Chrome and reopening it resets Web Clipper and it works fine for a few more clips before locking up again.

I don't think it's a matter of the page not being compatible (as mentioned in the KB below), because once the problem occurs, Web Clipper no longer works on ANY web pages. But just in case, you can test it here -- http://www.copyblogg...ile-email-list/ -- that's one site I'm not able to clip.

I'm using Chrome 17.0.963.79 m in Windows 7.

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