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(Archived) (Archived) Android app duplicating notes.


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Just recently gotten an android tablet, running Android 4.0.3, specifically a HP Touchpad using Cyanogen Mod 9.0.0.

I have had an evernote account for a long time but haven't use it much.

To cut a long story short when I create a new note using the android app from the Google Play Store.v 3.5.3 it keeps duplicating itself, maybe when it syncs, and I end up with countless copies of the same note. I left it overnight and it made 40 copies of the same note, all uploaded.

Deleting the extra notes seemed to stop this.

I uninstalled and reinstalled the app. Created a new note. Same Problem.

Have tried searching to see if this was an existing issue, but couldn't find anything in the knowledge base or forums, anyone have any ideas how I might be able to fix this?



Edit: Also says that notes are uploaded successfully each time. Going to install the beta, v3.6 beta 3 and see how that goes. Do love the tablet version.

Edit 2: Still doing it with beta version. It doesn't seem to be linked to syncing. Syncing is set to 60minutes. in last 50 minutes it has created 10 copies of the last note I created. It syncs them when its time to sync.

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