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(Archived) Forum Search - Missing Results

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This issue applies to the forum, not to the Evernote program.

Consider this forum posting:


  • If I search for Bangor with jbenson2 as the author, the Forum search engine cannot find the post.
  • It cannot find Maine using same parameters.

And it appears that a 3 or 4 character prefix effectively kills the search as well.

  • It cannot find TDS Telecom, but can find Telecom.
  • It cannot find Mbps download, but can find download.

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LOL. I just complained in another thread about searches as well. I don't understand the search function at all. Sometimes I just cannot find things, even though I KNOW the words are in the titles and/or content of the thread. It is so frustrating, and I feel like a bit of an idiot. Believe it or not, searching on Google with a simple search (not advanced) to find a forum page is actually far more effective.

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Forum searches rarely return results for me...(in most forums that I visit)

I find a site search better through google:

site:discussion.evernote.com Bangor jbenson2

Will find this thread, and the one you are looking for (I hope ;))

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I also have been very frustrated with forum searches, both in terms of returning incorrect results, and in terms of the format the results are returned in. When I ask for results by post, it returns the entire post, making it almost impossible to review a list of results more than a few posts.

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