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(Archived) Workaround to encrypt EN notes (requires root)


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I finally found a way/workaround to encrypt ALL Evernote notes on my Android

and I thought some one here might find it interesting.

My experiment is possible using excellent LUKS Manager.


So, first I deleted my complete Evernote folder on SD-card. Then I created encrypted

volume using LUKS Manager and selected SDcard/Evernote as a mount point. After

restarting Evernote App it noticed that the SDcard has changed. I just selected an

option to recreate my entire account profile. All my subsequent tests showed that

there are no problems. Offline notes also work great. And there is no noticeable

lag because of the 256-bit AES encryption.

Now I am finally happy and calm carrying around my Android with all me personal

notes knowing that if I loose or some one steals my phone I don't have to worry.

At least about the content on the phone.



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I have to say this method absolutely does not work.

It's seems that your datas being protected after doing as the post starter.

But when you start Evernote after unmounted, there pop up a window with

three options: the first one is something like this: continue to set existing

account in the SD card (just meaning). If you choose this option, all your

notes will download again to your phone, everything are there for anyone

to read! Such an awlful thing.

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The method works perfectly fine. However, with few little gotchas.

1.) You have to kill Evernote (maybe even get rid of EN widget) to be able to unmount the volume

2.) If the volume is unmounted, mount it first before starting Evernote.

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That's actually the same thing with TrueCrypt on a computer. Or any volume where you store your database on an encrypted volume. You'll need to make sure your encrypted database location is mounted before opening Evernote or it will crash/rebuild your database.

So, this is a perfectly reasonable solution - for advanced users.

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Yes, it will be ok doing as you suggested. But you haven't got my meaning.

Say someone get our lost phone, and he just trys to open Evernote before

mounted, and he choose the first option, then Evernote will rebuild OUR

database. Everything will be read by him. So our content still not safe.

i.e. The content in the encrypted volume IS safe, but Evernote will download

again the content from its server, we still have to worry!

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