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(Archived) What counts in the upload limit?

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I can't seem to find any info on this on the site.

I know there is a 40MB "upload" limit for the free accounts. I put upload in quotes because my question is around whether that is really true. Is the only data included in the limit that data which gets uploaded from the desktop or mobile versions to the web archive, or does it also include info that is downloaded from the web archive to the desktop client?

For example. Say I enter 1MB worth of stuff on my desktop and 1MB worth of stuff on my phone. I sync my desktop which uploads 1MB to the server. I then upload the 1MB from my mobile to the server. I have now used 2MB worth of my monthly quota. Now if I sync my desktop again, it will download 1MB worth of data from the server (the stuff I originally entered on my mobile). Have I now used 2MB of my quota or 3MB?



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Your monthly upload allowance is the total amount of new data that you can add to your account each month, through any mechanism. You may download the data an unlimited number of times, across multiple clients (and the web).

When you create a new note in the service, this counts against your allowance. If you edit a note, you will be "charged" for the amount that the text increased ... so if you edit War & Peace by adding a sentence, you'll only be charged for a few bytes. If you add any new images/audio/PDF/etc. to the note, the size of each of these will be counted against your allowance.

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