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(Archived) REQUEST: Full-screen 3-column view



Just started using Evernote and love the way it sorts (ala Mac Mail) in non-full-screen mode, but when I flip over to full-screen mode there doesn't seem to be a way to get that 3 column view back. Am I missing something or is this actually not possible? Thanks!

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I love Evernote for Mac as well, I use it daily!

And just like the other Mac apps, I want to use this one full-screen.. but I hate the view :(

Just like macdot, I would LOVE to get the full-screen 3-column view!

The app would instantly appreciate in value for me :) and it seams I'm not the only one.

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i know the design team probably put in a lot of work on the full screen mode, and it looks pretty, but i think it is not very useful. sorry :(

1. full screen and i can only see snippets of 10 notes at a time. it's not exactly ideal, and only 2 more than normal, even though I have the entire screen in play. i really dislike the icon view (same for the ipad) and would like to have control over my ui: in my case, list view on the left (not the top) and my note on the right.

2. in addition, i spend a lot of time beachballing (downloading note screen shots for those icons?) in full screen. and most of my screen is still just a mass of blank squares.

it's cool that they have something for full screen, but i hope they will consider at least giving us the option to have an information rich environment (three panes, list views, more "text", etc.).

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