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(Archived) "Show in groups" bug




When creating a new note, entering a title and clicking in another field (tags or content area), the note jumps to its sort order position. That's fine, except that if the note title starts with a number and the sort order option "Show in Groups" is on, the first note in the list gets automatically selected the instant the next field (in the original, new note) is accessed. You then have to manually find the note you've just titled and enter the note itself. Very annoying.

This happens not only when clicking but also when tabbing into the tags or content area.

Version 3.0.6 on 10.7.1.


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62 views and no answer, I might as well add another bug, not unrelated: when navigating by clicking "Back" - still on the OSX client - between linked notes, the previous note doesn't get selected if it's in another notebook. Major pain.

Hope something comes out of these bug postings :)

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