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(Archived) REQUEST: Ability to change color of note header




I notice that I do not like the color of the note header: the white makes it too prominent, as though it is part of the note itself. I would like to change it to some shade of grey. Is there some way to play with this? Perhaps the colors of all the interface elements are stored in (some sort of) a css file in the app?

Please share your thoughts on this, thanks!

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hi. good idea, but i know of no way to change it, and there are no plans (beta versions) i know of with this.

others have requested color for various places in the interface, so far, evernote seems to be partiial to black, white, and shades of gray (especially the new mac ui). i like monochrome, but i can certainly see why others wouldn't!

it would be pretty cool if we could have our own css file to establish user style preferences :)

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This is a good idea. Some of us have thousands of notes, hundreds of folders. Having them all homogenous can get a little weary and can cause 'scan fatigue'. The user option of selecting from a choice of different header colors (or just clicking on a gradient color wheel) would be nice.

Sorry, not nice. AWESOME.

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Thanks for the nice replies. I agree with you that it would be big deal if this would become an official feature. Full flexibility over the user interface may not sound like the most cutting-edge feature to be working on but it is among the most essential, and goes straight to the core of the application. What are we looking at day in day out? The user interface. The lay-out and color scheme of that interface is a major element in guiding our attention towards the data. So to give us, the user, means of tuning that interface to our own needs would mean that Evernote would give us a much better access to our own data. This is especially so since each Evernote user uses Evernote in a different way (so, in theory, everyone needs a slightly different interface). Collecting data is one, finding the right data back is quite some else.

(I hope the Evernote team is reading this)

So much for the conceptual discussion... now I was hoping that someone has experience with tweaking Evernote under the hood (e.g. the topic discussing how you can change the icons in Evernote into more colorful ones) and could point out the right file to take a look at. Anyone?

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Evernote have not been keen in the past to provide user preferences for the UI - I may be wrong, but I don't think that they are going to implement items like this in the short/medium term at least.

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If you use the web client there are ways to set a custom CSS sheet assuming there is a consistent naming of the elements in the header. It's a lot of work and hassle if they change the element names though. In all I'd say it's probably not worth doing and certainly does nothing to help with the Mac client.

I do agree, however, that it would be nice to have some differentiation such as color to separate the header from the note. Even if it was the same for everyone and a very light grey it would be enough for the eye to skip over.

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Or, with keeping with branding, give us choices for black, green, grey, white to choose from. ANYTHING to help organize so many notes. Then, we could group according to Date Created, Date Updated, Alpha, OR by Color.


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