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(Archived) REQUEST: Note view not jump to beginning of note after editing an attachment in an external program



Hi, I am using Evernote to organize research paper files and notes about them. The workflow is just great for me. But I find something really annoying.

When I save a opening attachment (such as a PDF file) in the external program, Evernote automatically jumps to the beginning of the note and the editing toolbar becomes temporarily unavailable. I have to switch out to other notes and switch back to make the editing toolbar appear again. What's more, in order to got back to my work, I have to find the last viewing point in the note. These "jumping-swtich-find" incidents are really really distracting.

That seems kind of bugs, or "features" if you say. Is there any advice on that? Thanks.

[Procedures to reproduce the problem] Evernote Version 3.0.6

1. Open a long note containing several attachments in Evernote.

2. Click and view the attachment in an external program, for example, view a PDF file in the Preview app.

3. Make some changes to the attachment, for example, highlight some texts in the PDF file. Then SAVE IT.

4. Then you can see that Evernote jumps to the very beginning of the note, and editing toolbar becomes unavailable.

Is there any advice on that problem? Thanks!

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