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(Archived) Consistency between versions

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I'm a long time Evernote user, but haven't tried the Beta of version 3 yet. I notice the screen shots from the various versions, Mac, Windows, etc. all look very different. Are the screenshots showing the variety of Evernote view modes or are the versions truly presenting different interfaces?

For example, I like the endless tape interface of the Windows version, but see the web and Mac versions both have tiled thumbnails instead of an endless tape. Most of my notes are text so thumbnails are useless.

The web site needs more screenshots and information in general. It's very spartan.


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The Mac client was developed as a native OS X application using OS X libraries, following UI guidelines from Apple. This means that some things look different, and some functions (e.g. thumbnails) are easier to implement on Mac than on Windows. We're working toward consistency of operations, but the UIs will always have differences that reflect the expectations of each platform.

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Thanks. It seems like a pain to support differences in interfaces in addition to the challenge of supporting multiple platforms and I'm not sure why the platform expectations should matter. Either you guys will consolidate the interfaces eventually or I'll learn something about users I don't seem to understand.

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