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(Archived) HELP: Where are saved searches in Mac client? [RESOLVED]



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After you create your search, go to File > New Saved Search...

You can then fill in the name of the search.

Saved Searches will then appear in the lower right corner. If you don't see it, click on the cog icon in the lower right corner and tick 'Saved Searches'

Take a look at Tip #3 here: http://www.cloudprod...me-in-evernote/

I don't see anything in the lower ritght, no cog, no saved search, etc. I'm on 3.0.6

I checked out the article, but I didn't see anything that specified *where* to go for saved searches.

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i found it on the left side, where you click on a triangle, and it shows them below it.

Why is it your location is different than mine?

Also: it does not show my saved searches from the iphone.... is this normal?

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Below is where my saved searches section is and where the Cog button is for me. Is it in a different area for you??


As for saved searches on the phone - when you do a search on your iPhone, you can't save it, so it won't show up on the desktop client. However, when you save a search from the desktop client, it appears as an available search in your iPhone.

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