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(Archived) Note is only allow me to edit small parts at a time on Android


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Hi All,

I have created notes on evernote on both my computer and my phone. Most of them have worked fine. Recently I created several notes by pasting passages from a word document into evernote. Two of these three notes also worked fine. The third one works fine on my laptop. But on my android, whenever I click "edit" and then try to cick on the passage I want to edit, it shows me only a very small segment of the passage. This makes editing and adding new things to the note very inconvenient when I'm using my phone. I created a second note and pastd the same stuff into it, but the same problem recurred. I then pased ony half the content into yet another new note, to see if the problem was the amount of text, but again, the same problem persisted.

I'd much appreciate any advice.

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