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REQUEST: Ability to turn off auto-correct

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Can we get an option added to the Mac version Preferences to turn off auto-correction? I admit the feature is handy on mobile devices and I may be in the minority, but typing many technical non-words in my notes, I end up having to correct the auto-correction often. I'd love to see an option to turn it off in the Preferences->General tab.


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I second this request for an evernote-specific autocorrect switch!! Besides technical non-words which also plague my experience, I also want to abbreviate for speed, and autocorrect bites me quite frequently. I don't want to turn it off entirely at the system level as I do appreciate the autocorrection in email, word processing and other applications.

In addition, names are often auto corrected. I was typing a last name, and ended up with this... SMS cou

I have no idea what that got auto corrected from so my note is totally useless and that person will be left out.

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Adding insult to injury, Evernote autocorrects from Norwegian to Swedish spelling of certain words! :-) This issue seems to have gotten much worse with recent updates. Pretty please: allow us turn of the autocorrect in Evernote. The alternative is quite frankly to stop using Evernote for writing documents.  

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I often use Evernote to write technical documentation and when describing Terminal commands Evernote keeps converting '--' to ''.

This is a global Mac OS thing, not an Evernote thing:


System Preferences->Keyboard->Text->Use smart quotes and dashes

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Hm... I'm curious to know why this is a global Mac OS thing. 


For example, a text editor app I use called Chocolate will not format "--" as "––". Note that I have my smart quotes and dashes turned on.  However, when entering hyphens into textedit it will turn the two "--" into "––" automatically. (I also converted everything to plain text to make sure and the smart dash "––" remained)


From this little experiment it seems like turning off/on smart dashes and quotes would in fact be possible from within an app.  Please let me know where I'm going wrong if I'm off-base. 

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The app can choose to disregard global OS settings. Chocolate will not conform to your OS settings, Microsoft Word will not conform to your OS settings. These applications override the OS setting with their own. Pages, Evernote, sparrow mail app, and many others will simply take up the preference as set at the OS level,

It is up to the developer to choose. Looks like Evernote has chosen to follow the OS setting. Not sure why some developers choose one way over the other.

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Thanks for the pointer to the global Mac OS settings. However, this autocorrect issue has only recently become a problem in Evernote on OSX. I use Evernote to record code and command-line arguments all the time, and I only recently started seeing the smart dash corrections. So, either OSX has changed the default global autocorrect settings, or Evernote has changed the way it conforms to those global settings. If the latter, surely it would be easy to include an option in the Evernote preferences to override autocorrection?

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So the first request for this feature was five years ago? Someone's not listening to their customers...

I use Evernote to take meeting notes, and recently I've noticed that Evernote has started making some "interesting" autocorrect choices. I've turned off the MacOS autocorrect, and it seems to have gone away (I can better determine what I meant in my notes, from the ahem, questionable, spelling, whereas before it was quite difficult following what was often a very odd choice of word).

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