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(Archived) REQUEST: Themed notes

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First off, thanks for a great and very useful suite of note and capture tools, awesome!

It occurred to me today that I'd love to be able to use evernote to keep a history of notes such that I could create a new version of the same note either from scratch (i.e. blank page) or by copying a previous of the same note. This would allow me to create a series of different notes around a single note theme rather than have lots of separate notes.

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If you have questions relating to specific clients, it's best to post the in the forums that are dedicated to those clients.

The Windows client, at least, has the ability to copy a note to another notebook, metadata and all. Common use case is for a note template -- you make a note that has the layout and formatting, tags, or whatever, of what you want, and you can replicate it elsewhere. I use this for a weekly diary of work projects that I use to roll up my week for time reporting.

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