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android (Archived) Can't edit any notes containing bullet points!

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Not sure if anyone else has this problem but I am unable to edit any of my notes that have bullet points in them from my phone.

It comes up with some insane grey box with "..." in them and it just sort of dicks about with all my text. I've lost 3 notes so far because it just removes chunks of my notes. It ever did this until about a week ago.

Screenshots attached



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Hi Silver89,

When a note created on another client is edited with Evernote for Android, you may experience some limited editing capabilities.

The reason is that the current version of the app doesn't support yet every formatting offered on other platform.

To preserve the full formatting of your note, the editor uses a different mode that we call the web editor. You can identify it by the grey bar and the 3 dots at the top of the note content. This editor is very similar to the one provided by Google doc on Android. It allows you to edit each individual part of the note and append a note at the top or the bottom.

In this case, the indented list is not fully supported for the moment.

We are working on making this process clearer and improving the experience.

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Browncoat: Thanks for the info, this old topic solved my issues - notes with indentation. Also explains why the indentation icon isn't in the editor.

Is there any ETA as to when this might be added to the mobile app?

How about the ability to add the check boxes? (at least these don't mess up the mobile editor)

I have become addicted to evernote! Thanks!

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