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(Archived) HOWTO: Efficiently move from search to note




I'm wondering if it is possible to move via the keyboard from the search bar to the current note I'm looking at. Alot of times I type in a phrase that I know will lead directly to a note, and then I find it difficult to move to that mouse because I need to take my hand off of the keyboard and click in the note with the mouse or touchpad. Is there any key I can hit to just move to the note, like tab for instance? This is how Notational Velocity works and I find it much more efficient to work with because of the hot keys like this (not saying I like one more than the other, just a feature).

Also, the entire note gets very dark, except the search word, which I find distracting - why not just highlight the word that matches the search?

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Hm, I have to tab 18 times to get to the note body, but once I'm there, you're right I can type. :)

It would be really useful if the next tab went right to the first highlighted instance of the search term (which should be on the screen at this time already).

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Jeez, what are all the fields you tab through before you get to the note body? For me they're:

1. Notebooks

2. Tags

3. Note list

4. Title

5. Tags

6. Note body

Thats five too many!!

By my preference, it's only two too many. My ideal tab order would be:

1. Note list

2. Title

3. Tags

4. Note body

You really want to skip over the title and tags when tabbing to the note body from the search box? And earlier today, in another conversation, you wrote:

I would like to be able to use the cursor keys to navigate the notes list when Evernote is brought to front by the keyboard combination. I am primarily a keyboard rather than mouse user, and it feels clunky not to be able to select notes via the keyboard.

At least the current setup allows you to tab over to the note list, which is helpful, no? Or you'd rather cut out that ability?

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EN Win has a number of shortcut keys that EN Mac does not.

I'm not sure where this should rank in adding new features to EN Mac, but having a shortcut key that takes you directly to the bottom of the note content pane from anywhere in Evernote would be helpful. From there, you can easily get to the top with one key.

It might even be helpful for this to be a global shortcut key.

This would facilitate adding text to the current note while some other app has the focus, making it easy, for example, to grab quotes or make comments while doing research.

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