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(Archived) Locating screen captures in Finder?

John Burns

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Hi All

Have been using Skitch for some time now, and love the app.

However, I was creating a presentation last week for use this coming Friday, and was capturing areas of the screen over a period of 30 or so mins as I browsed certain pages on the web, and checked certain apps and files - to get the content I need for my presentation. I didn't upload any of it to the Skitch web account, and wanted to go back to these captures when I was ready to include them in my presentations.

Alas, I can't seem to find any of the captures I made. I have located the folder on my Mac where previous uploads are stored, but these grabs are not what I want. What I do want, are each of the captures I made over that 30 minute period when browsing and when viewing the apps I wanted screen grabs from. OK sure, I could do this all over again, but surely that's not the point.

Are these grabs available for me on my Mac somwwhere, or are only those grabs that I uploaded to the web and 'shared' to my Skitch space available?

Would appreciate any advice on how to retrieve my already obtained grabs. Thanks


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Hi John.

Skitch Mac currently saves only Images which have been 'Saved' or 'Shared' in some way. It's build around the concept of a single capture, which is then marked-up and shared. If you Undo, you may be able to find earlier Captures, but there's no place they're stored if they're taken in this sequential manner, unfortunately. We're redesigning Skitch to have a clearer flow and definitely are listening to feedback to help make all these workflows possible and simpler to use.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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