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(Archived) QUESTION [Chrome]: Something I noted about the clipper which I am curious about


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Ok. So I have plenty of Notebooks by now. I still have the original notebook, Neokrw's Notebook. Now, it was my default, but I changed it to another notebook so my clips could be sent to that notebook. (I put the settings for the clipper to clip to the DEFAULT notebook) Keep in mind I was using the Desktop client first. Ok, so I clip. It goes to Neokrw's notebook. WAT?!? Ok. Weird.

I keep doing this. Over and over. I lurk the forums a bit to see if anyone has had this problem. Nothing. Anyways, I'm still trying to figure this thing out. I clip again, and this time when the popup thingy for the clip comes up, I click view to see where it goes. It goes to the web client. So I wonder, that I might have to also edit the clip settings in the web client too. I had a bit of trouble finding it, but I did. (I right click on the evernote clipper extension) AHA, it was set to remember. So I clicked it off that, and put it on default.

IT still went to Neokrw's notebook. More repetitive OMG stuff. Ok, now here comes the good part. I click on the extension, and there comes up some status thing with a drop down list of the notebooks. And there is Neokrw's Notebook selected. I selected another Notebook, and the clipping was sent to THAT notebook!

Any thoughts on this? I am actually fine with that. I can just change the folder there whenever I want to clip things specifically from time to time. Is there still a use for default notebooks in that case? (not that I haven't thought of that, rather I didn't, because I was too lazy)

Now that I think of it, is there a shortcut to changing notebooks for clip settings? : D I also don't know why but I always say Folder instead of Notebooks. xD

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Nope. I double checked to be sure though.

EDIT: LOL. I did save the settings btw. I meant no to *leaving it on remember*

I do have to log out at times for settings to really take effect.

Now here is what i had problems with:


Now as you can see, the first arrow (to the left) points to that evernote status thingy. It seems to overwrite the settings I had for it. In both the desktop client and web client, I have it set to default. But even though I set it to default, that status thing will have a drop list and is currently on a notebook that ISN'T a default.

The second arrow. Now, I had to log out from that extension AND evernote to be able to get things to somehow work. If you get my drift.

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"Entire webpage clippings" is your Default Evernote Notebook (it has a * in the notebook icon).

You have to change the default in Evernote client to change the default for clipper.

The second clipper destination notebook option, Clip to specific notebook, may be a better fit to your needs.

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