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(Archived) Auto-add url to notes of full article web clip

Seth F

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I apologize in advance if this information is freely available but i would like to know if I can make my Evernote Chrome Extension default to choosing a Clip Article (which i know how to do) but WITH the URL inputted into the notes. Is this possible?

I would like to use the the Evernote Extension as my bookmarks of choice (I'm very sick of waiting for google bookmarks to add features) and have a lot of how-to technology articles in my bookmarks collection. For the most part I just need the info so would love to mostly "Clip Article" but often need the hyperlinks included within and would like the url in the notes for good measure.

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It should appear in the metadata (the header) for any clipping.

Yes, I was just opening this thread up to edit in my stupidity :wacko: . Thanks for the response and sorry for wasting the forum's time.

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