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(Archived) (Archived) All PDFs on XOOM Shown as attachments


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Win7, EN 4.5.36131, XOOM with ICS,

Downloaded & installed EN for Android yesterday (3/2/2012) Then Synced.

The PDF notes are in notebooks selected to be read offline.

Issue: All PDFs are shown on my XOOM as attachments. This means that their contents are not searched.

"Always show PDF as attachments" is NOT checked on PC. I don't see an option for this on XOOM.

PDFs are NOT shown as attachments on PC.

Did I miss a setting somewhere?

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That is really bad news. No PDF text search on Android devices. Makes it difficult to show off Evernote's capabilities to potential users.

I've heard that portable devices, like tablets, are rapidly increasing in popularity.

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