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(Archived) BUG: To-do checklist boxes don't carry over if editing a note



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I have the last EN version on Lion. If I edit a note and create a checklist, when I hit enter it doesn't create a new checklist. But it does if the note is new.

Let me clarify:

- In a new note, when I use the checklist icon, every time I hit enter it creates a new checkbox in the next row. So new items, new checkboxes automatically.That's great.

- When I edit that note, or when I edit a note without checklists, sometimes (randomly?) it doesn't create a checkbox in the next row when I hit enter. Sometimes it does.

- What is odd is that I have notes with more than one checklist: I can hit enter in one of them and it creates a new box in the next row ; then I do the same in another checklist (same note) and when I hit enter in a checklist it doesn't create a new box in the next row.

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