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(Archived) BUG: [Various]




Bug 1

When I open Evernote, sometimes I'm unable to search. Can't click on the search bar at the top right corner. It's like it's frozen.

In order to do so I've to restart Evernote which is annoying.

Bug 2

Also when I search for a specific note and then click on that searched note, my search appears in the search inside the note as well which is also really annoying.

Could you please take a look in to these. :)

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All right. I opened up a support ticket for my first bug.

For my second bug, I kind of got that idea before that it being a design idea but frankly I don't find it useful. I keep finding myself closing that search bar when I open up a note. I won't argue that some users might find it useful but then it should be a preference.

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