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(Archived) REQUEST: Multiple windows in full-screen mode




In a recent update Evernote's note taking window changed from being attached to the main window to being free from the main window. In my opinion the old note taking window(attached one) was much better.

But I can't argue that it's the best experience for every Evernote user so why not make is a preference.

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i have not experienced this phenomenon. could you post a screenshot? on my computer, there are three panes linked together in a single window. if i double click on a note, i can open it in a new window, but that feature has been there for a long time.

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Sorry for the confusion fellas. Here are the screenshots. And a better explanation.


In earlier version of Evernote, when I pop up a new note window it was like that Mail app style(second screenshot). Now it's separate window(first screenshot).

It would be nice to have that kind of a new note page style for that iOS feeling; maybe as a preference.

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Ahh, you're in fullscreen mode. Yeah we used to do a modal thing like Mail does. Now we let you open multiple windows in fullscreen mode. There's been feedback about having fullscreen mode act like a bigger version of the non-fullscreen mode. So I'll add you as a plus one to that :)

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