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(Archived) Feature Request: Full Featured Evernote Handwriting App


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Skitch is awesome - don't get me wrong. I love it for what it is and what is does. But-

It would be great to see Evernote launch a full featured handwriting app for smart phones and tablets. A kind of note book that is exported or syncs with Evernote that allows for hadwritten notes, and lengthily ones, with features like inserting pictures and copy and paste text, zoom for fine details, paint type options (brush and color selection and what not).

Fine tuning this idea would make Evernote have the exact capabilities as a real notebook, which is surprisingly lacking on the Android market. I am in the process of developing an app, you can check out the analogue paper version here: GLOWW Journal. This may seem confusing, so if you have any questions, feel free to email me.


A notebook app that incorporates handwritten notes (directly from the screen, not photo copies), ability to insert pictures and drawing features (like a big, crazy, mulimedia mind-map) would put Evernote at the TOP of any note taking/journaling/TCB/GTD list...that's just my opinion. I'm thinking about staring a poll on my blog to see how many people would like to see this actually happen. Then maybe if the numbers are high enough, we can get the developers at Evernote working on it. :) Check out NoGLoww for detail starting tomorrow (March 2nd)

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