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(Archived) I can't reset my password for the Evernote Forum.


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I am pretty sure I remember my password for the Forum here; my browser logs me in as shows the password in "saved password" as the one I remember, but when I try to log into the forum from Tapatalk or the mobile web or even to change my password on the PC, it says my password is incorrect. I know this can't be because I specifically remember the password I set for this forum. Is there a way to get my supposed password sent to my by email?

And on a side note, I've always had problems logging into this forum from Tapatalk. Is there any update on that situation?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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The forum uses a Single Sign On system with your EN account, so whatever your original password was from the old forum is no longer needed, just your EN account info. The password area you see in some areas of your settings on the forum is actually blank, it has no information in it because there is now pw information shared between EN and the forum service.

One of the unfortunate side-effects that I have not yet been able to resolve is that Tapatalk does not play well with the new SSO. You can look with it, but you can't comment.

If you have any further quesitons, you can PM me, like if you're looking ot merge yourself with your old account--but it looks like our email-match found your old account and hooked you up. Welcome back!

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Yea,I'm able to log onto the forum in a mobile browser noe. Tapatalk. still doesn't work, but at least I know I'm not crazy thinking that I know my password when i can't log in! Tapatalk would be a great resource to get worked out though. Keep us posted when Tapstalk integration is worked out?

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I am trying to reset my password, evernote suppossed to send me an email with a link to do it but still not receiving such e-mail what do i need to do?

Hi Will--changed your Display Name on the forum as it was originally reflecting your email--don't want that getting out into the open.

Assuming you're not talking about our forum, I'd first check your spam folder to see if you've received the change password email there. Secondly, I want to ensure you have submitted a request to this link: https://www.evernote.com/RForgotPassword.action and followed the process there.

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