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(Archived) Default Note Fonts across platforms

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It seems that if you create a new note with the Mac client, the default font is Arial (or something that looks like Arial). But if you create a new web note the default font is Times New Roman (or similar).

The default fonts should be the same for consistency, since when I view my notes created on different platforms they all look different. Or a 'default font option' would be nice.

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post-26857-131906068899_thumb.jpgMy default font in notes is Arial...but the window shows a drop-down arrow as if I were able to choose other fonts. Does that function not work in Evernote for Mac? I can change the type attributes (bold, Italic, underline) but not the font itself. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a Premium-only function? What gives?


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This is definitely annoying for folks that use Evernote on different computers / OSs. By the time you edit a note back and forth on your Mac, then your PC, then your Mac again, the fonts are a jumbled mess and the note is very cluttered looking.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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