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(Archived) Searching for items "nearby".

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Is it possible to search for notes within a certain distance of my current location?

Ideally I"d like to have a saved search that said "within:2km" from a certain notebook.

I've looked through the search documentation, but have only found the latitude: longitude: criteria options.

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As far as I know; the latitude and longitude searches are the only geo-search terms available. Of course, you could do a calculation of how many degrees from a particular lat/lon you can be to be within n km of a centerpoint (and it's going to be rough estimate, since a) you will be defining a square region in your search, and B) degree-based distances will vary in physical length (e.g. km) depending on your latitude (that is, at the equator, 360 degrees is about 40,000 km, while at the poles it is 0).

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