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REQUEST: Evernote for Symbian (Nokia)



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Someone above pointed out that you could create a J2ME version, based on your BB code. I think this would work well for Symbian phones since they tend to have very good J2ME support. This would also provide support for all the newer J2ME feature phones that Samsung and LG are selling (they are selling tons of these). The J2ME environments on Samsung and LG phones used to be rather poor, but have become much better.

While this won't be quite as good as a native Symbian app for users of Symbian phones, it will be a pretty good solution (better then WRT) and will work on a much greater range of phones.

One other thing. Now that you have released a WRT app, it would appear that you do not intend to release a native Symbian or J2ME app in the short or medium term, so your users must make their decisions based on the WRT app. If my conclusions are not correct then it would be useful to be corrected (though I understand your concerns about commenting on anything that isn't released yet).

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Hi all,

A while ago I replyed/entered in some hot discussions here about a Evernote version for Symbian. To put it briefly everyone who replyed ,being either EN employee or just forum memberes, told me to relax cos it will never happen. Why?Because Symbian is a dead platform and they will rather invest in Win mo .

Still I want to open a new topic about this old issue because it seems that Nokia keeps releasing new Symbian smartphones, some quite exciting like the Nokia 808. Also the number of Symbian phones out there is still high and continiues to grow not as fast as before but enough to matter.

So I would like to know if maybe EN position has changed and also to have a single place where Symbian/Evernote users could post their opinions.

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I see the N97 forum for Evernote has been closed down. Does this mean Evernote has abandoned all Symbian development?

Just when my shiny new computer came with Evernote preinstalled! Grrrrr!!

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there is not evernote app available for symbian s60, why?!

Nokia smartphones are one of the most mobile smartphone

Still living in the time before the Iphone?

Your Question is so ...2007 (I´m still using N95 and also sad with no Evernote on it).

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We do have a full-time engineer working on a WinPhone7 version, which will match up pretty well with Nokia's corporate direction for future phones.

Well you must be a real Sherlock Holmes doing such bright deductions.But how about the current Nokia users that happen to be also Evernote customers?

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hi there evernote people,

please create a symbian app soon. We r gr8 app lovers. You must have seen how much the gravity app has been a success. Iam sure if you create a version for us, it will become a hit and will increase your user amount. Please make one for s60v5/s60v3. And never make a java app, please :-)

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Hey mr. Seth, If you have just a little time for me I would love to hear from You. I want to make an app for NokiaN9 + Symbian, but since You don't have any sample QT code it's hard to break-through the ice. I have setup an OAuth on my N9 and that ofcourse works. I have setup thrift on my Windows and I am now looking into how to call the list of my notes. I promise not to take too much of Your time, but I do need a push in the back. I hope You are reading this "hot" topic, and thank You Seth.

Please! :)

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Have you been looking into QT development for at least Nokia-platform (and possibly some other ones too)? Does it provide a decent common API layer to build several releases upon, or do these same peculiarities arise?

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I used to use Evernote, and loved it. But sadly, these days I don't use Evernote anymore and have resorted to inferior (but available) options. I really do need a full client for my mobile (Symbian S60 touch screen interface), that can handle offline notes. Until such a client for Evernote comes out, all usage of Evernote will remain visiting the Evernote website once a quarter to see whether a S60 client has materialised or not. Either that or switching to another mobile platform. Great product, love it! Sadly, cannot use it the moment.

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We don't currently have any native application for that platform, and haven't announced any plans about it.

I.e. I wouldn't buy the phone on the assumption that there will be a full Evernote client, although you should be able to use Evernote via our mobile web interface (http://www.evernote.com/m), and you can also send pictures and other documents from the device into your Evernote account if you put your "incoming email address" into your contacts list on the device.

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It might be time to pause for a moment and take a bit of a breath, dam. It's perfectly fine to ask for Nokia N8 support, however you're probably not going to get very far by antagonizing the Evernote CTO (though he seems to be fairly thick-skinned) or positing conspiracy theories.

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Dear Dave Engberg sir,

Somedays ago, I posted same topic in Japanese Forum, but got no answer.....

I found "Evernote for Nokia N73" at

http://www.getjar.com/mobile/34031/ever ... nokia-n73/

I downloard it for my N73, Japanese version "SoftBank 705NK", but when I installed, my Nokia said " certificate error, contact the application supplier".

What is that "version 3.x" ? If you can, please do take newest certification?

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My intention was not to offend but to express my amazement to that guy's statement. "So ok we did almost nothing for Nokia users but hey,look it turned out to be really smart of us cos they are jumping in bed with Microsoft anyway.So ppl get smart and buy Iphones/blackberries/palm/android."

Which btw are all american companies. Ok maybe I was wrong:they care more about american customers.

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There is a Maemo and a S6 version of Evernote, as well as WP7, as those are the most current Nokia devices.

Additionally, our Mobile Web version is available for all other Nokia applications.

As a company, we only plan development for "current" technology. We do not spend resource time on "older" or "crippled" devices. Evernote is also not compatible with IE6, nor do we plan on it.

Windows XP is still going to be supported until 2014, that doesn't mean it's current technology.

Additionally, we have an open API. If there's someone out there that feels the desire to develop their own client on a specific platform, they're more than welcome to. The desire for a Symbian-only client in the open source community has been thus far underwhelming.

Linux users, on the other hand, have developed more than one.

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Well, the company that makes Blackberries is Canadian ... but even if it weren't I don't think you have a legitimate point.

Evernote is clearly a pretty smart company -- it'd be hard to argue that, judging by its growth rate. And it's definitely not ethnocentric, judging by the number of localizations (and the fact that one of its biggest emerging markets is Japan). As a smart company, it's allocating its resources where there's most potential for growth, and I happen to think its doing so wisely. You're certainly free to disagree about that ... but given recent developments at Nokia it's pretty hard to see too many growth prospects for Symbian. And given the fact that people generally replace their smartphones every couple of years, even most of the current Symbian smartphone users are probably going to be using something else before too long.

Basically, by switching platforms Nokia has guaranteed the pointlessness of future 3rd-party investments in Symbian -- by Evernote, or anyone else. Anyone who's unhappy with that should address their complaints to Nokia.

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Ok maybe I was wrong:they care more about american customers.

The fact that they have ongoing internationalization efforts cast some doubt on that statement.

Look, all I'm saying is that it's sometimes easier to catch flies with honey rather than vinegar. I think that the fact of the matter is that they have limited resources, and they have to choose what to focus on. Some market segments may get left behind, wisely or unwisely. If they don't choose wisely, then their business suffers, which is bad for them and all of their customers, so you can bet that they've put some thought into their direction.

On the other hand, if you as an Evernote customer feel that you've been wronged or misled (I hope that that's not the case), then that's something else; you should be able to take it up with them and get a resolution.

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We are not working on a generic "S60" application for a number of reasons. Past attempts at generic mobile OS applications (Windows Mobile, BlackBerry) resulted in a lot of frustration due to lowest-common-denominator hardware integration (e.g. cameras), inconsistent networking, interfaces, etc.

Individual Nokia devices are certainly important to us. The Maemo and N97 are good examples. I don't have a date for future releases.

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Unfortunately, "offline" synchronization isn't a half-client, that's a huge full client. Even Android (our #2 mobile platform), doesn't have this capability yet.

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There's no such thing as a "Symbian" application of the complexity of Evernote ... you need to build for one of the specific profiles of devices to have a UI-based application that can support the features our users expect on one of our clients. (E.g. display of our rich HTML notes.) This means that supporting all of the old legacy phones would require building 3 or 4 different client applications, with very little benefit due to limited new user acquisition on those old phones.

We spent a few months working on an application to run on one of the Nokia-specific application platforms (Web Runtime - WRT), and decided that the end result wasn't going to be satisfactory for a number of technical and usability reasons.

Nokia's huge commitment to Windows Phone 7 has definitely justified this product decision, and we'll be very happy to support the next generation of Nokia phones running WP7 with our forthcoming WP7 client.

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Visited the site today. Evernote sounds useful to me, but I need a (modern) Symbian client. Seems weird that mobile support is a big feature of your product but you've not done one yet :?

I have no interest in "web connection" workarounds that assume ubiquitous net connections that are either too costly or can't be relied on. When I'm trawling Tokyo camera stores as I was recently I just want to look up my notes from previous visits and not have to pay $5 a MB to do it.

So another vote for a native Symbian version with offline storage. I'm currently using a E71 and will most replace it with whatever the replacement is when it comes time to change. If you do that in a reasonable timeframe you have another Premium customer. Unless the competition beats you to it...


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