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(Archived) Thunderbird email redirect into Evernote


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Using the E-mail redirect add on in Thunderbird to send E-mail to my Evernote account. Works super, but how can I change the notebook that it is now pointing at? It now sends all mail to my notebook called "Genealogy" I would like it to point to one called "InBox." Any suggestions?

David in Wichita

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If you can modify the subject line, then you can set the target notebook, and tag it, too. See the KnowledgeBase article: https://support.ever...ote-using-email

That works fine if you forward the email from the email reader into EN. BUT, the redirect program will not let you edit the subject line, it just grabs the email and moves it into EN. It works great and very fast, also it will let you send the emails in a batch, you just don't have any control where they go, But, it is easy to move them again into the correct place once they are in EN. Thank for your support.

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Since I asked this question, I have now found the answer! That is what I like most about EN, each time you use it you can find something new. To set the notebook you would like for the email to go to, just right click on the notebook and select properties. Check the box, "make this my default notebook" and OK. Now you can redirect any and all of your emails and they will all go to the selected notebook. When done just go back and reselect your main notebook as default.

David in Wichita

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just found this thread... installed the add-on for thunderbird but... select "forward to evernote": no error or success message and can't find the forwarded mail anywhere in my evernote


how can I troubleshoot this please?


OS: Linux Mint 14

Browser: Chrome v 27......

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