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(Archived) Evernote Offline using an iPad

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OK so I was wondering if anyone could please help.

I've been using Evernote for PC for quite along time now and love it. However I recently decided to purchase myself an iPad and now have Evernote installed on it. Life couldn't be sweeter I thought.

The problem I'm observing right now is that Evernote is not syncing all my notes for offline browsing as my PC does. I view a note or notes on my iPad. Turn off my wifi connection and then try to open the note again and Evernote says "YOU ARE NOT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET". I am allowing the note to completely download before anyone says that is my problem :)

What is happening to my download notes? I travel a lot and thought the iPad was my solution to no internet and poor PC battery life.

Thanks in advance anyone that is able to make my notes stay put.

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Are you a Premium customer? If so, you need to mark your Notebooks for offline availability. Tap the gear button on the bottom right of the screen to get there.

If you are a free user then you don't have access to this feature.

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Well that explains it. I'm a FREE user. Strange how it remembers some notes but you cannot always say which ones.

Guess i'll be travelling with my PC for awhile longer :( I'll just have to make sure I put my travel stuff somewhere else for offline usage on my iPad.

Thanks for the reply Metrodon, appreciate it.

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It's a caching thing I think - so some of your notes may get 'remembered', but they can also be cleared out by the OS whenever it wants.

You could always buy a month's premium if you need notes when you are travelling. $5 is a lot cheaper than schlepping a PC around :)

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