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(Archived) Unwanted Evernote email from Calendar event entry


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When I make a calendar event entry on my Droid2 phone, it sends an email to my Evernote email address. Note that my calendar is linked to a Google calendar.

However, when I make an entry on my Droid XYBOARD (linked to the same Google calendar), it does NOT send an email to Evernote.

Any way to get phone to stop sending those emails. It's an unnecessary pain as I just have to delete them from Evernote.

Thanks for any help!!


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My Google calendar events are automatically posting to my Evernote account as well.

I'm not sure if I turned this option on somewhere or perhaps it is a feature of another add on like Tusktools that I installed.

Do you use TuskTools?

Sometimes it has been helpful to get have these entries created, because it make me think after a meeting whether or not I should create an actionable item in Evernote. But other times it is simply one more pieces of "trash" for me to delete.

If anyone know how/why these are being created, please let us know.

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